WhatsApp Messenger for tablets: how to download it

WhatsApp Messenger for tablets: how to download it

You have purchased a tablet and want to use it to chat with your friends and relatives and how you want to install on a smartphone Whatsapp for tablets free? No problem, install WhatsApp Messenger for tablets really simple, just follow the steps suggested in this guide. I will show you both the method to install WhatsApp Messenger for Android tablet and the method to get WhatsApp Messenger on iPad.

As is well known, and if you are reading this guide you know it very well, the WhatsApp app for tablets on the Play Store is not available, as not availableWhatsApp Messenger for iPad.Are these limitations due to technical reasons or specific commercial choices? Not clear. However, we also help you use WhatsApp Messenger on Android and iPad tablets. Read on to find out how.

WhatsApp Messenger for Android tablets

To get WhatsApp Messenger for Android tablets you will first need to download WhatsApp APK of the famous instant messaging app. You can get this file by opening the web browser on your tablet by typing the following address.


In the window that opens just click on Download Now to get the WhatsApp Messenger APK file.WhatsApp Messenger for tablets 1

Since on tablet you may not have a SIM with which to activate, you just need to follow the recommended steps below to activate WhatsApp also on the tablet:

  • Run the WhatsApp activation procedure on the tablet
  • At some point you will be asked to enter a phone number; enter the SIM card in the smartphone
  • You will be sent an activation code on your smartphone via SMS
  • Use this code on WhatsApp for tablets

With this procedure you will finally have WhatsApp Messenger for tablet! The only warning I can give you about the multiple account: if you use an account configured on the tablet you will not be able to use WhatsApp on other devices at the same time.

WhatsApp Messenger for iPad

The procedure to obtain WhatsApp Messenger for Apple tablets in a legal manner identical to that already seen in a guide published on the site and available in the next section. On iPad you can take advantage of the Web version of WhatsApp to get the same result you would get with the installation of an app.

Just open the Safari web browser and visit the following link.

LINK | WhatsApp Web

Perform pairing via QR code and you are ready to chat with your contacts.

If you want to install the app itself, you will need to proceed to jailbreak of the Apple device, an operation that invalidates the product warranty and can lead to malfunctions if not properly managed. A guide on how to jailbreak the latest versions of iOS can be found at the following link.

LINK | Jailbreak Guide iOS 10.2 on iPhone and iPad with Yalu102

Once the jailbreak is complete, you can download the app WhatsPad from Cydia, which is necessary to get WhatsApp on the iPad. To activate WhatsApp on iPad you will need to download the application on an iPhon associated to the same Apple ID as the iPad, back up your smartphone via iTunes and finally install the WhatsApp .ipa package on iPad using a program called iFunBox, available at the following link.


As you can see the procedure much more difficult and mistaken for a moment, that's why I advise you to use WhatsApp Web to get the service on iPad, so as to avoid having to lose the guarantee on the product and ruining the device due to a long and laborious procedure.

WhatsApp on multiple devices simultaneously

If you can't or don't want to give up WhatsApp on your smartphone to use it on a tablet, just follow the guide below, where you'll learn to configure WhatsApp Web step by step. In this way you can exceed the limit imposed by WhatsApp and use it on any device you have, even simultaneously.

LINK |WhatsApp for free tablet: how to use it on Android and iPad