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WhatsApp, from now on you need permission to put someone in groups

One of the most requested features coming soon and it will be possible to better protect your privacy, your phone number and your mental health

Groups on WhatsApp(Photo:

Whatsapp is about to introduce perhaps the most important, fundamental and required novelty ever: the request for consent before being added to a group. We can therefore say goodbye forever to the bad habit of creating WhatsApp groups for any need, within which a vortex of perdition is created between memes, outbursts, quarrels and immeasurable waste of time.

With the next update WhatsApp everything will be official and you can set your will or not to join a group without being magically catapulted inside. Operation will be simple and configurable on the fly from internal settings; the procedure is already known.

From the internal settings you will have to go up Account> Privacy> Groups. From here you can select one of the options like None, Only my contacts and Anyone. How do they work?

  • Nobody: you will receive an invitation valid for 72 hours and will join the group only and only if you accept;
  • Just my contacts: it is automatically added to the group when it is created by one of the contacts;
  • Anyone: everyone can freely add us to a group, even those who do not have in the address book, as now

And it will be a real revolution, even more than a function just as expected as the payment system from the WeChat app in China or making WhatsApp Web independent of the simultaneous connection with the smartphone.

The obvious reason goes beyond jokes and irony about groups, considered the real evil of this app: at this moment anyone can add us to a group and all the other components will be able to view our phone number in the face of the privacy and confidentiality. When it will be active? You still need a little patience, but not much since for now it will be tested on a smaller percentage of contacts being gradually extended to all the other subscribers to the service. You will need to update to the latest version of WhatsApp available on Android or iOS.


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