WhatsApp for iPhone now supports video calling for up to 8 people

WhatsApp for iPhone now supports video calling for up to 8 people

Only a few days ago, work in progress had emerged and now the new function is already available: with the latest version of WhatsApp for iPhone, it is possible to make totally safe video calls for up to 8 people simultaneously, doubling the previous maximum limit of 4 people.

The expansion of services and functions is part of the Facebook plan, of which WhatsApp is part and, without a doubt, has undergone a substantial acceleration for the Coronavirus emergency that has blocked billions of people in the house. We remind you that in the past few days Facebook Messenger Rooms has been released for video calls of up to 50 people, in direct competition with Zoom, one of the most popular apps and platforms to communicate in the time of Coronavirus.

The arrival in WhatsApp of video calls for up to 8 people was anticipated only a few days ago, when the new function was spotted in the code of a beta version for Android. At the time of writing, it is not clear whether the latest version for Android already supports the new function, but it is very likely that the social giant is doing everything possible to make this function available on the largest number of devices in circulation.

WhatsApp for iPhone now supports video calling for up to 8 people

The release notes for the iPhone version do not specify it, but from the screen published by the social network it seems that in WhatsApp for iPhone the video calls of up to 8 people are completely safe and protected with end-to-end extended encryption. The release times in the various countries are not even specified, in any case the distribution started in the last few hours, so most users in Italy should also be able to view the latest update, including the new function.

In order to take advantage of WhatsApp for iPhone video calls for up to 8 people, all users who intend to participate must have downloaded and installed the update. The new limit also applies to audio calls for up to 8 people. Whatsapp is free to download from this App Store page for iPhone, or from here on Google Play Store for Android. However, it seems that Facebook's plan is to further expand the number of participants to reach up to 50 people not only on Facebook Messenger Rooms, but also on WhatsApp, Instagram and Portal.

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