WhatsApp, phone calls are coming too

WhatsApp could add VoIP calls

The latest beta of the instant messaging app includes clues to the soon arrival of support for Internet phone calls

(Photo: marketingfacts.nl)(Photo: marketingfacts.nl)

One after another, clues about a future WhatsApp support for voice over ip (VoIP) calls accumulate. The company's intention to land in the territory of Skype, Viber and company is not a secret, but the timing has always been extremely vague.

Now, after a beta a few weeks ago that on iOS asked for permission to access the microphone for "Receive voice calls", the version available for few hours for Android creates a very specific folder inside the phone memory: WhatsApp Calls.

At the moment it is an empty folder, destined to fill up when the app starts to support the telephone functions. But more than when, it will be important to know with what do you fill this folder: WhatsApp, in short, does it keep track of calls made and received, or give the possibility to register and store them in memory with a simple touch of the screen?


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