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WhatsApp beta: now you can remove the double blue check


In recent weeks, the messaging application Whatsapp had introduced the news relating to the double blue tick, which signaled the notification of messages read by users, a novelty that raised a fuss of controversy on the net, so much so that the developers had to immediately get to work to ensure an option to eliminate this notification , contained in the new beta version available for download.

The syndrome of double blue tick hit the network, what was to be a simple functional novelty introduced by WhatsApp turned out to be a media boomerang of unimaginable proportions, so much so that the famous social chat had to quickly set up an option to disable this dinotifica mode.

In the new beta version, within the section dedicated to privacy, it is now possible to disable the double blue check, so that it will no longer appear in individual conversations, remaining active only within the groups.

Also if you go to disable the double blue check, the same will not be visible in the messages we are going to send, much less we will be able to see when others read ours. At the moment this novelty has been introduced in the new beta version for Android, downloadable from this linke which is manually installable through the appropriate APK file.

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