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What prospects for Apple's new top laptops?

logomacitynet1200wide 1

What prospects for Apple's new top laptops? logomacitynet1200wide 1

One of the main criticisms of the appearance of the first Titaniun models was that, apart from the adoption of the G4, the larger screen and the new beautiful external livery, there were few reasons to switch from a previous model to the new machines, a little of coolness for the new squared look, no improvement in the typical office applications had not prevented, however, the new Top laptop from Apple to live its moments of glory above all as a machine for the Video on the road. TI's supply and demand shortages on the market had been very high to coincide with the presentation of the iBook, an Apple success that put firewire users, video editing and the digital hub within reach, in a small space and with a modest basic cost of all.

The new models, thanks to the improvements we tell you about in our other services, have an extra "appeal": the incentive to purchase for many old owners of Powerbook Pismo and Lombard represented by a graphics card worthy of the PC competitors more They are emblazoned and able to enjoy the game on the laptop at console levels, the management of a second monitor without annoying slowdowns, a network interface at extraordinary speeds, a cache reduced to 256k but which runs at processor speed and Finally, an internal hard disk that can make them, in combination with the G4 processor equipped with Altivec, fantastic portable workstations for audio and video. If Mac OS X will keep its promises, and with version 10.1 we have seen improvements unthinkable on many fronts (think of how DVD reading with the software player has turned into better, the possibility of finally managing DivX) enendo by developers applications up to its potential (for example the expected exploitation of multichannel audio with low-cost interfaces), we will have a compendium of hardware and software without equal and able to fill the market niches that Apple she had left herself waiting to switch to the new operating system.

The IT market is moving increasingly on replacement machines and many users are turning to the laptop both as a second machine and as an ultra versatile main system: the TI respond to this need and the timing of exit to the IT arena and It is perfect for purchases both for advanced consumers (driven by the proximity of the Christmas period) and for companies and professionals thanks to year-end purchases and tax incentives.

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