What games suck your smartphone battery?

What games suck your smartphone battery?

Here is a list of six fun apps that consume your phone unscrupulously

(Photo: Rovio)(Photo: Rovio)

Funny, sure. But greedy: they eat the battery of your smartphone so fast that you hardly notice it. We are talking about some most famous games app and used that, if on the one hand they are excellent to fill the empty moments between one thing and another, they have a small inconvenience: they will download the phone to you in no time.

Here is a list of 6 games to use sparingly (or with a charger always at hand).

candy Crush SagaVerizon includes this game in the list of the most dangerous apps for your smartphone in terms of loss of efficiency and battery consumption: with Candy Crush Saga running, the phone will download 3 times faster.

Clash Of ClansOn reddit, several users have complained about the speed with which their smartphone's battery goes to the ground when they play with this app. It seems that the only way not to let your phone die after 20 minutes of Clash Of Clans is to have a charger with you, and a socket nearby.

Fruit NinjaKS Mobile has placed ninth in the ranking of the vampire apps that suck battery without restraint.

angry BirdsIn the top ten of the most loved and used games by users, Angry Birds is also the fourth for battery consumption when held in the background (185 mW). Some users have complained about a 10% battery loss every 25 minutes after the app is started.

Jewel StarEven if you're not playing, but you still have it in the background, this app has one of the highest levels of battery drainage: 344 mW.

Hay DayDo you like playing farmers on Hay Day's farm? Know that this app ranks second in the list of games that run out of your smartphone faster, even if you keep them in the background.


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