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Wednesdays new iTunes stores in Europe?

Apple will add some new online music stores this week to countries that still lack the ability to buy music on the Internet via iTunes. In particular the songs will be available for customers in Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, practically all the countries that, not being in the Euro area, had still been excluded from the "lotto" of last autumn.

To reveal the start of the extension of the store the online Swiss magazine Music.ch, which cites sources inside Apple and the exact date: April 28th, or this Wednesday. The costs of the individual tracks are not revealed, but it may be thought that for Norway, Denmark and Sweden they cannot be very different from those practiced in other EU countries, although it is true that in England, which is also part of the Community, Apple applies ( not without heavy controversy and even recourse to the Union bodies) higher prices than in other nations.

Apple, simultaneously launching in Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, could, also on April 28th, open the iTunes Music Store in Australia.

If the rumors prove to be correct Cupertino at the end of the month could cover the largest part of the world music market with its stores. In fact, only Japan and Korea would be among the most industrialized and widespread countries of the Internet.