WeChat adds the loop to Vine style videos

WeChat adds the loop to Vine style videos

The new service is reminiscent of Vine videos and is part of the update made today for iOS

(Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)

WeChat, the free messaging app of Tencent, has today released an update of its service by introducing the version number 6 at the moment only for iOS devices. The main novelty of the update is the introduction of a new video format called Sight. The new service allows you to record six seconds of video in loop for sharing messages in personal videochat or on social networks (Facebook and Twitter) through "Moments".

How does it work? Just slide down the chat screen to see the recording interface, press the button and publish. The small video recording remember a good little Vine or maybe an animated GIF and auto-play if sent as a message.

"Sight"Does not seem to be the only novelty. According to a report published in Tech In Asia, among the news released on the day there would also be one function – an archive for tickets, prepaid cards and so on – available for now only in China for users who have the Chinese language version of the app installed.


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