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Website builders: what they are and why you should use them

Build your site using website builders, platforms that allow you to customize web pages thanks to a range of tools.

Build your site using website builders, platforms that allow you to customize your own web pages thanks to a range of tools that support Emanuela Zaccone

This #ARUBAIT, the column created in collaboration with on the most interesting trends in the world of technology and the web. Here are tips for building your site using site builders

Until a few years ago, having coding and graphic skills was absolutely necessary in order to create a functional, aesthetically appealing and effective website.

website builders: indispensable tools

The evolution of the web and the growing availability of tools that have allowed users, over the years, to acquire greater autonomy have led to a change in this area too. In fact, it is now possible to build your own site using site builders, platforms that allow you to customize your own web pages thanks to a range of tools that support you.

How to use iwebsite builders

As has happened with other online revolutions, website builders have contributed to the growth of websites and, over the years, have changed significantly. So, if in the mid-90s it was above all the platforms for building offline websites that dominated, then the possibility of accessing WYSIWYG editors (What You See Is What You Get) via browsers, which actually allow each user to build their own site, it changed the rules of the game.

Essentially, no need to have HTML or design skills to build your online presence.

The first step in these cases is choice of a template, a template to be applied to the entire site that usually brings with it a set of pre-set and stylistically coherent tools.Exactly as in other areas – from communication to online marketing (and not only) – it is therefore essential to have clear objectives immediately and choose a template that is consistent with the brand image of the company (or deemed appropriate for personal branding).

Clearly, it is possible to change templates if necessary or if a restyling is needed, to keep up with changes and trends in web design.

Once you've chosen your bisogner template decide which elements to use, where and with what contents.Have clear the distribution of the contents within its fundamental site in order to be able to reach the target you set yourself and therefore set up effective communication.

Everything concerning the uploading images and videos to use, as well as texts, managed directly by site builders, usually supported or offered by companies that also cover hosting services, relieving the user from the need to manage and maintain the website.

Normally, in fact, it is also possible to have tools oriented towards avoid spam and scan the site to make sure it is not affected by malware.

3 reasons to use a website builder

Here are three good reasons to choose to use a site builder:

  • simplicity: we have seen that we do not need sector skills and that we have useful tools to create, organize and maintain the site. Those who choose a site builder in fact usually a private user who wants to build their own online property. Since web design is not its primary activity, simplicity translates into rapid execution.
  • Customization: the choice of the template is only the first step towards the construction of your own website. Many templates allow you to customize elements such as the color palette, the organization of the menus or pages. Let's think about Legos: the site builder reasons with a similar logic, allowing you to choose and aggregate the elements we really need.
  • Focus: not having to worry about maintaining your site means having the opportunity to focus more effectively on content and therefore ultimately be able to better communicate your business.

In an age dominated by the speed of social media, having its own website that did not become optional: if social media is in fact the place for the rapid flow of news, the website is still the place of permanence, the home that the user can organize to enhance the better your business or personal branding. Unlike social media, in fact, we decide how to display content, without being subjected to the natural variability of those channels that, after all, do not belong to us and often change structure and content organization, both elements beyond our control.

One last tip: take time to choose the template, having already in mind what contents to use (texts, images and videos) and a general structure desired for the website. At any time, you can always readjust it.

The website builders think about everything else.

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