Web Marketing Festival WMF Lombardo Cosmano

Web Marketing Festival: the digital agora of today

At the Web Marketing Festival (WMF fifth edition) there will be discussions about Digital transformation, accessibility, social innovation, fake news, legality. Step by step and always together with those who each year make their contribution to make it happen. The Web Marketing Festival (WMF) is putting standing much more than a simple event. The Web Marketing Festival, wants to be a real instrument of social innovation: a moment of training and reflection starting from the digital themes up to touch the most strictly social fields. the 30 training rooms are included, but also the debates on the relationship between crime and digital, a topic that we will discuss in Plenary and that it is difficult to find the right space both in the media and in public opinion. Particular attention will be given to the topic dellaccessibilit: we care so much to make a site visible, unfortunately in the simplest and most direct meaning of the term, even if the contents on the net are not so visible to everyone. The construction of a better context passes from the work of every single person and every single actor.We reflect together to take the necessary steps for the improvement and growth of the context in which we live. With these words, Cosmano Lombardo, Founder and Chairman of the Web Marketing Festival (pictured on the right), anticipates some of the topics that, on June 23rd and 24th, will host the Plenary Hall of one of the most complete Italian events in the digital world at the Rimini Conference Center. In addition to moments of in-depth study and discussion on topical issues, the Festival does not lack training on digital marketing at 360 degrees, the soul of the event since its origins. From Ecommerce to Non Profit, through Web Analytics, Mobile Marketing and many other thematic rooms. More than 30 for accuracy, including two that qualify for educational credits: Digital Journalism, dedicated to journalists regularly enrolled in the Order, and Digital Health, reserved for healthcare professionals. The latter, in particular, can be counted among the 6 training innovations of this edition, together with the rooms dedicated to Programmatic, Branding, Skills and Digital Professions, Foreign Markets and Chatbot.

Training, debates and networking at the Web Marketing Festival

If the training at the base of the Web Marketing Festival, the initiatives, the debates and the moments of networking are the pillars that support it. As announced by the Chairman of Cosmano Lombardo, in fact, topics such as Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0 and Social Innovation deserve further study and for this reason they will be discussed by representatives of top players in these areas: Microsoft, Lego, Facebook and Google just to name some. All of this combined with an exhibition area that will expose the main Italian and international digital players, including Aruba, SEMrush and MailUp, to the 38milamq of the Palacongressi di Rimini.

At the Web Marketing Festival there is also Digitalic!

Digitalic media partner of the Web Marketing Festival and will be present with its own station on the first floor of the Rimini Palacongressi, come and visit us. While on June 23rd the director Francesco Marino gave a speech in the room "Strategies and innovation"

Web Marketing Festival competing startups

Among the initiatives, the Startup Competition stands out, a pitch that aims to encourage innovative business ideas by concretely supporting them thanks to important investors and incubators such as TIM #Wcap, LVenture Group, Digital Magics and UniCredit StartLab. More than 300 projects, coming from Italy and abroad, have registered for the competition: These numbers confirm that even in Italy great the desire for innovation and above all attest to the existence of a Creativity Valley that in terms of talents and potential has nothing to envy to no other country. The goal of the Web Marketing Festival is to combine this desire with entrepreneurship, creating a binomial that, we are sure, will only generate a real opportunity for renewal, internationalization and the socio-economic relaunch of our country, commented Cosmano Lombardo.Web Marketing Festival WMF Lombardo Cosmano

Focus on digital professions at the Web Marketing Festival

The Digital Job Placement is also added, a recruiting service for digital professions that aims to promote employment by bringing together demand – employed in search of work – and supply – companies with open positions. Today, more than ever, it seems necessary to bridge the gap that sees job offers much more numerous than the demands. According to what reported by the European Commission, in 2020 there will be about one million jobs not occupied in the ICT sector due to the lack of digital skills, explains Lombardo. here we must act and this second edition of the Digital Job Placement is a first step in what I believe to be the right direction.

Culture, innovation and social responsibility

Therefore an event marked by training and entrepreneurship, which in this edition does not set limits to its ambitions: to write a new chapter in the culture of innovation, always looking at social and cultural issues. Then, it will be a Web Marketing Festival able to combine with everything there also moments of musical entertainment: among these, for example, c the Rock Contest, competition in collaboration with Virgin Radio that combines music with digital, become the true springboard of launch for those who want to be known in the music field. Another contest, this time in collaboration with the Roma Web Fest, combines cinema and digital, giving life to a combination that will be the protagonist of the Festival for the first time. Spotlights on filmmakers and young creatives who, thanks to the potential of digital, have the opportunity to experiment and develop new storytelling techniques, experimenting with themes such as legality, startup and immigration. And again: sport, art, publishing as well as issues of a more strictly technical nature and with a slant reserved for professionals. In short, a transversal event that embraces the digital in all its forms. Welcome to the Web Marketing Festival!