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Want ID card in the USA and GB.

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Want ID card in USA and GB. logomacitynet1200wide 1

There are fewer and fewer US and British citizens who feel safe and, hopefully not, but probably in the near future the situation will become increasingly tense. In the United States and the United Kingdom, the document par excellence was previously considered a driving license. , very little, in many of these states you could even buy weapons by showing off the small plastic badge. Now better to go with lead feet say in many, long ago the British had been involved to decide something concrete in view of a nascent Charter European Identity; In short, we wondered how to transform something into a community that did not even exist in the national territory and that was seen as a dangerous infringement of privacy by the British.We are telling you all about it because if English and Americans were to have a Identity Card (now requested by several parties for national security) very advanced technologies would come into play and to produce them and to manage their registry content: Larry Ellison, who obviously has the question at heart, offers all the software you need for free to create this "new" document. Under the aspect of technology we speak of a fingerprint, perhaps of an image of the cornea or who knows what other devilry from 007 films, but in any case the governments decide, the eccentric head of Oracle (and friend from years of Steve Jobs, as well as Apple's shareholder) generously makes himself available, during an interview with the local TV station of the CBS network , KPIX, of San Francisco.Ellison adds: “but as an intrusion of privacy, in the Internet age anyone can virtually know everything they want about their neighbor (…) better to lose a little privacy in favor of a general security ", but some fervent advocates of privacy argue that:" by canceling even our smallest freedom we would have already given the victory to the terrorists. "However, whether panicked or not, citizens who have so far never owned a Card d'Identit, they say, in the number of 7 out of 10 in a Pew Research survey, that the time has come to change course.We remember that the CIA is Oracle's first customer in terms of spending and that Oracle, with 34%, the company British database secretary David Blunkett tells BBC that the issue has been studied very carefully, especially after the events of 9/11 and a Mori poll does nothing but support this growing need: two thirds of respondents want it with peaks of 75% regarding the demand for DNA annotation down to 67% as regards the annotation of religion.

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