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WalletSaver, the app that suggests the right phone rate


To date, disentangle yourself in the complex world of telephone rates of the various Italian operators not simple, the number of the same really high and they are updated and changed every week and being able to understand what is the most convenient rate for our needs and use of the smartphone an impossible undertaking. Precisely for this reason it was born WalletSaver, the idea of ​​an Italian startup turned into an application available on the Play Store.

WalletSaver advises the user on what best rate, but does not do it like many other services by acting on paper, but by monitoring the use you make of the smartphone. Born from the idea of ​​an Italian company, the application quickly provides advice on the best rates available based on the use of calls, SMS and internet that you do on your device.

The operation of WalletSaver very simple and fast, once downloaded for free from the store, it will go to to analyze calls, SMS, internet and the telephone operator of the numbers you call most frequently. But not only this, the app also analyzes the signal coverage in the places you frequent most, in order to provide you with timely and functional advice from the operator and the tariff that best suits you and your needs.


The app is also very attentive to privacy, not coming into contact with any of your personal data andmanaging the monitored data at an aggregate level. In addition to this, the user can also access the statistics quality minutes, average length, number of calls made, most called numbers, SMS sent and internet with the traffic consumed.

WalletSaver a free app a must try for those who are looking for a new rate among the various available and for those who want to check if their own is actually the most convenient. You can download WalletSaver directly from this link.

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