Wall switch Meross turns on the light with voice commands (discount code)

Wall switch Meross turns on the light with voice commands (discount code)

Meross wall switch

If you are building your smart home by always adding new devices that allow you to automate small everyday tasks, you need to think about installing smart wall switches that can replace the classic switch without changing cassettes or passing new cables. To my surprise I was able to verify the ease of installing a Meross wall switch, the well-known company specializing in smart products such as light bulbs, smart sockets and many others, which always guarantees a quality of its products, both hardware and software.

Meross wall switch

To meet the needs of Italian users, Meross has created a smart wall switch that uses the junction boxes of our home electrical system. I'm talking about the three-button Touch LED shockproof panel with remote control, compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT.

The package contains a Meross wall switch MSS530L, a pack of 4 screws and the simple manual in Italian that illustrates the steps to connect the touch panel to the existing electric wires in the old switch box. The product comes with a modern line consisting of a completely smooth rectangular glass panel, with three touch keys visible in backlighting. In the back you will find the holes for wiring the electric cables, compatible with our 503 boxes, in the sense that they correspond to the holes for fixing with screws to the box built into the wall.

smart meross switch

Simple operations to wire the cables, but the neutral cable is required to work. Before buying the product, make sure your system is equipped with it. Generally the old systems are not supplied. For installation, follow the attached manual and also the instructions on the switch. The positioning of the cables is indicated with letters. The most important is the neutral, indicated with the letter "N", then find the input of the phase (L) and the three outputs (L1 – L2 – L3). You can connect up to three switches to switch on three different lights. It does not provide for the possibility of replacing a rel.

meross switch touch panel

Once wired and verified that the lights on the keys light up, to screw it to the recessed box you will first have to remove the glass panel. You will find the holes that perfectly match those of the cassette. Use the supplied screws to lock the switch and only then you can fit the touch panel.

Configure Meross switch

If you don't have it yet, you can now download and install the Meross app available for Android and iOS on your mobile device and follow the switch configuration guide step by step, assigning each light a name using a WiFi connection with 2.4 Ghz band. If you have a router that works with the 5Ghz band, you will have to change the connection before the configuration and only after having finished returning to the network faster. Now you can connect the device to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home speaker to be able to control the switch with voice commands.

configure meross switch

How the smart switch works

You can still choose to turn the lights on and off using the touch keys on the switch, from the Meross app or by using voice commands via your smart speaker. Through the switch you can also control air conditioners, fans or any appliance, also programming a timer. The programmed on and off function allows you to set a routine auto-off time to automate any connected device.

smart wall switch.


Easy to install, compatible with cassettes of Italian derivations, design that adapts to any decor, manageable by app or Amazon Alexa and Google Home, works perfectly to turn on and off any accessory. I found the Meross smart switch really useful at a very affordable price. If you are entering the world of home automation, this switch to recommend and you can buy it on Amazon at the following link. Good news from Meross, only for readers of Guideitech exclusive discount code that allows you to purchase the switch at special price of 14.99 entering the discount code during the purchase phase: V4997DX4