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At first glance at Connectix they seem to have embarked on a truly meaningless undertaking: to make VirtualPC for Windows, or to offer a PC a PC emulator. Why is it natural to ask yourself, to have a virtual PC inside another PC? The answer comes directly from Connectix which explains why this choice apparently devoid of any logic, with a document that introduces the release of the preview of Virtual PC for Windows. ‚ÄĚVPC for Win – they say to Connectix – allows you to run multiple operating systems at the same time avoiding to restart or purchase different machines on each of which run a different operating system. With VPC users will be able to have a virtual PC inside a real PC on which to run different applications or different operating systems ". In practice, Connectix explains, whoever buys VPC for Win will be able to have two OS on the same machine, Windows and Linux for example, or Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows NT, Windows 2000, MS-DOS, Red Hat Linux, TurboLinux, Free BSD, OS / 2 Warp, Novell NetWare … "And if one machine crashes – says Connectix – the other continues to run." Developers who will be able to experiment with applications on different platforms without needing to have different machines, but offices that use the various versions of Windows may now find such a product useful. At the moment Connectix offers a free preview for download. Once released, VPC for Windows will cost $ 199.

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