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Vodafone unlimited rate for iPhone, only one mistake

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Vodafone unlimited rate for iPhone, only one mistake logomacitynet1200wide 1

The unlimited iPhone rate has already been canceled. Or rather, it never existed, but it was only a mistake. Vodafone itself confirms to Macity that for now there is no change in the iPhone rates.

β€œThis is a system error – says a company spokesman – for now we have not yet changed anything of our rates. So the offer for Vodafone Pack unlimited to be considered invalid. We are sorry for what happened and we apologize to the customers ".

The reasons for the error are not clear, what is certain that for those who telephoned Vodafone this morning everything seemed perfectly in line: both the guide voice and the operator confirmed the existence of the offer. Even the system that tracks consumption had eliminated any reference to the residual bonus. "It was a 360-degree error – explains the spokesman Vodafone – which affected, as mentioned, the entire system"

According to what reported to Macity Vodafone would be, however, studying some changes to the rates for iPhone, but none has yet been approved or definitively approved. "We are working – says the spokesman – but for now there is still nothing definitive". A hypothesis, not confirmed by Vodafone, that the inclusion in the 190 customer interface system of the unlimited data tariff occurred due to a misunderstanding or a material error in the context of the revision of the tariffs; difficult to say if it is an advance of a future offer or if the hypothesis of an offer with unlimited data has been put to the test and has already been discarded and therefore the incoming Vodafone offers are different.

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