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Vodafone, unlimited navigation for iPhone now underway

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Internet browsing without data traffic limits for all iPhone users who activate the Vodafone Pack plan from 14 to 30 September. The news has not yet been officially communicated by the mobile operator but the promotion already communicated by the pre-registered voice that communicates all the plans and rates reserved for iPhone by calling the free number 190 and is confirmed as subscribable also by employees who answer the same number of service.

Recall that Vodafone Pack the subscription to access the Web with iPhone for all Vodafone customers: automatically activated by joining Vodafone Facile subscriptions and can also be activated for those who have purchased iPhone 3G and use it with a rechargeable plan. When we write the prices and conditions declared by Vodafone on its website, they are as follows: by subscribing to a monthly subscription plan Vodafone Pack already included and activated automatically at the price of 10 euros per month and automatic monthly renewal and with a traffic limit of 600 MB, these also monthly.

For rechargeable Vodafone Pack can be activated by calling the free number 402070: it costs 3 euros per week and entitles you to 150 MB of weekly data traffic: automatic and weekly renewal.

With the new promotion, the data traffic limits communicated by the operator so far disappear, this for iPhone users who activate a Vodafone Pack for iPhone 3G from 14 to 30 September. The pre-registered voice also announces that all users who activated Vodafone Pack before September 14 will benefit from unlimited navigation starting September 14.

It should be noted that fair use limits do not seem to exist, at least in a declared manner, such as those established by Tim's "unlimited" which actually sets data traffic at 5 GB per month.

For now, the cost of the Vodafone Pack monthly subscription of 10 euros per month but will rise to 19 euros from October 1st. Macity is looking for confirmations and further details, particularly on the rechargeable.

To discuss the news, certainly very relevant, Macity has opened a topic on his forum.

Thanks to Daniel G., Matteo Lesinigo and Stefano for the report.

N.B: Vodafone consulted directly by Macity said that it is only a mistake but that it has many interesting offers in preparation: see this Macitynet article.