ViviBici, Coop Voce gives you phone credit if you ride

ViviBici, Coop Voce gives you phone credit if you ride

Here comes the Coop app that promotes a green lifestyle by converting kilometers traveled in minutes and Internet traffic

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Fifty years ago no one imagined that cycling would become so trendy and functional. To the point that today, with the ViviBici app by Coop Voce, if you go by bike you can even increase your smartphone credit.

The application promoted by the Coop mobile operator counts the Voice Km, or the kilometers covered by the user, together with the speed and calories burned, then turning them into minutes of calls to everyone in megabytes of free internet traffic (usable in Italy).

The prerequisite for using the conversion service to have the Chiama Tutti Bici promotion (200 minutes, 200 text messages, 500 MB to 7.5 euros) activated. At this point you just have to ride until you are tired: the maximum prize of 200 minutes and 1GB of mobile Internet browsing a month you get totaling 200 Km Voice.

In short, with the new app for Coop Voce cyclists (and the like), you take three birds with one stone: the lower back, the environmental footprint and telephone costs are lightened simultaneously, all trying to promote a healthy and green lifestyle. And if unfortunately they steal your bike and you stay on foot, don't worry: the app gives you credit even if you walk.

The application (free on Google Playe, soon on the App Store) connected with the Fiab Urban Cyclists portal and will be presented to the public in these days, at the Smart City Exhibition, in Bologna.


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