Vintage video games, the best emulators for Android

Vintage video games, the best emulators for Android

The software to bet on to play roms of the most famous consoles from the past to the present, the apps for Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Sony and also for PC

What are i best emulators for Android that can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets with Google's operating system to play console games of the past or even more recent? We have selected the best free or paid software that can be found on Google Play, the green robot application market.

2600.emu – Atari emulator

RetroArch – cross-platform emulator

RetroArch is a very useful free software since it can support various consoles such as Sega Mega-Cd, Virtual boy, Neo Geo Pocket Color and which can also support external peripherals connected by cable or Bluetooth. There is also the version, always free, for 64bit devices.

ClassicBoy – cross-platform emulator

Another choice among the cross-platform emulators for Android, also free, ClassicBoy which includes PSone, N64, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Classic, Gameboy Color, Nes, Sega Genesis and NeoGeo among its compatibility.

Nes.emu – Nes emulator

Snes9x EX + – Snes emulatorSnes9x EX +

The mythological Super Nintendo alias Snes finds fertile ground with this free emulator graphically very simple but at the same time very effective, also made compatible with bluetooth peripherals and able to manage up to 5 players simultaneously.

My Boy! – Game Boy emulatorMy Boy

There are many emulators for Game Boy for Android. We have selected this because it features very simple graphics optimized for screens of all sizes and with the ability to save progress. Also, able to hold the connection on TV to play on the big screen without losing too much quality. It costs 4.99 euros.

MegaN64 – N64 emulator

The Nintendo 64 had given a great boost to video game graphics. And with the well-known and free MegaN64 you can play the games that have written its history by going to save everything even on the SD memory in order not to lose even a progress.

Drastic DS – Nintendo DS emulatorDrastic DS

Drastic DS for Nintendo DS allows you to go to play countless games of the legendary Japanese portable console and puts on the plate some interesting features such as saving progress on Google Drive even more safely. a software that may have difficulty with very old devices, therefore better to avoid if smartphones and tablets do not have at least a dual core processor with 512 mb of ram. It costs 4.49 euros.

FPse – PSone emulator

For fans of the first generation of the PlayStation console we can only suggest FPse with a very low cost still compatible with rather dated smartphones or tablets that on the one hand manages the multiplayer for up to four players and on the other has no problems n with the rescues n with insertion of cheats codes.

PPSSPP – PSP emulator

The portable Playstation has been very successful because it has brought all the goodness of the Sony console to a portable size and PPSSPP goes to reproduce – or at least look for – the same experience even if a little more demanding than the other software in terms of power of the host device .

DosBox Turbo – Dos emulatorDosBox Turbo

Finally DosBox Turbo that can go play old games for desktop operating systems such as Windows 95 and Windows 98. In this case, if you could connect a keyboard via Bluetooth (which is supported) you would really go back in time of twenty years and more.

Two notes. The first that emulators are often happy to download malicious software, for this reason it is always better to download certified and safe programs. The second is that, by law, in theory you should only be able to download game Roma if you have the original version or if the rights to the game have expired – as on Abandonware – or if the copyright holders have given their authorization.

To find Roma there are countless portals and databases in Italian or English that can be easily found with a quick Google search. Again it is better to trust to bring them well known.


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