Vine tenta il rilancio con Byte, un nuovo anti Tik-Tok

Vine tries to relaunch with Byte, a new social media for ultra short videos

Vine, the free platform that allowed users to create six-second mini-videos and share them on social network services, returns and has a new name: "Byte".

The new name was announced last year by Vine Dom Hofmann, co-creator of Vine; two years after the closure of the latter because Twitter had decided to tighten the shutter, the successor's app for iOS and Android is available, and this also allows you to create short videos (always six seconds) to be played in a loop.

The interface of the new app – on the witch of TikTok – allows you to scroll through the videos one after the other, scrolling from top to bottom.

At this address the Byte official guidelines and here the privacy policy. Dom Hofmann also promised the arrival in the future of a partner program for the payment of content creators. You can sign up for the platform using your Google account or Apple ID.

Will Byte be able to get noticed in the crowded space of services for sharing mini-videos? Winning in this sector is not easy with competitors such as TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and others, popular and popular among the youngest.

The iOS version "weighs" 50.8MB, requires iOS 11.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; the Android version requires a device with operating system in version 5.1 or later.