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Video cards of broadcast quality.

Video cards of broadcast quality. | Macitynet.it

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One card, Igniter Film, for off-line video editing at 24 fps for the film world is the novelty of Aurora Video Systems.

The peculiarity of this card, completely compatible and integrated with Apple FinalCut Pro (as well as with other applications more professional than broadcast) is the capture of the shot exactly at 24 fps, or the film standard, then, once the film is mounted , it will be enough to choose the standard (PAL = 25 fps or NTSC = 30 fps) on which you are ready to transfer the finished product (or even just for the preview) that the card will proceed to "switch" automatically in real time the "Telecine" on the right values ​​of frames.

Full SMPTE time code support to avoid having to intervene manually for a possible synchronization. The audio part consists of an acquisition in sync with the video.

The card (depending on the options selected) can also have a video connection (In / Out) SDI (Serial Digital Interface), as well as Component, S-Video and Composite; for audio the classic RCA and XLR (Cannon) but also AES / EBU.

The prices are not certain by all, but competitive with similar products, the top model reaches $ 9000.

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