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VectorWorks 10.1 in Italian available

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The innovations introduced in this new version focus on an increase in the efficiency of the CAD drawing and provide new functions for an illustrative type of design. VectorWorks 10 has an increased compatibility with other CAD / CAM type software, implements improved technologies to allow design professionals to be faster, but at the same time to create cleaner and more attractive boards.

Sean Flaherty, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Nemetschek North America Inc., said: "The most important aspect of this release was our attention to productivity. Sometimes this result is achieved by adding new features, other times by making sure that the functions already present work better, in order to maximize the efficiency of our users. In this update, our users will be able to find a product that meets their needs, rather than a long list of items that refer to some new, little-used technology. We carefully considered the demands of our users, those who made VectorWorks the most productive CAD software available today. "

Some of the efficiency enhancements introduced in VectorWorks 10 include interface changes such as zoom and scroll, context menu customization, the ability to double click to edit objects, greater flexibility in assigning shortcuts to keyboard.

In VectorWorks 10 new features have been introduced that allow you to create projects with a very rich graphic appearance, thanks to the application of shades and backgrounds with image (2D texture), typical of hi-end illustration programs, but not present in any other CAD program. The Resources Palette and the Objects Catalog in the previous versions have now been combined into a single palette, in order to facilitate the management of the resources present in the projects.

The 3D Power Pack extension introduced with version 9.5.1 has now been completely integrated into version 10. Thanks to these functions it is possible to create and manage solids, surfaces, and combinations of solids / surfaces in 3D. The solid modeling engine able to manage curves and NURBS surfaces, to perform rounding, loft, contour operations, to use Boolean-type functions (union, subtraction, difference, sectioning). Compatibility with other 3D packages has also been increased, thanks to new import and export functions. VectorWorks 10 has in fact a command to export 3D models in Stereo Lithographic (STL) format and commands to import / export in IGES format; the image export functionality has also been significantly improved.

DXF / DWG compatibility has been further expanded and conversion of dimensions, associative hatches and color backgrounds is now planned; Furthermore, the ability to import a DXF / DWG and convert it into a Symbol has been introduced. Other improvements made include the ability to perform batch sequential conversion of documents, new methodologies for automatic document registration, the possibility to reset Preferences, an improvement in the recording of Views.

Numerous functions have been introduced in the 10.1 Standard in Italian version, not present in the International version in English, including a sophisticated command that allows you to arrange the text along a path. The Italian version also features a completely redesigned manual divided into two volumes, to make learning the various functions easier.

To find out what's new in the 10.1 Standard version in Italian, you can connect to this page on the VideoCom website.

The Italian versions of the VectorWorks Vertical Solutions – Industry Series (Architect, Landmark, SpotLight and Mechanical) are at an advanced stage and will be available shortly.