Use the PS4 controller to play on iPhone and iPad

Use the PS4 controller to play on iPhone and iPad


How to use the PS4 controller to play on iPhone and iPad.Use the PS4 controller to play on iPhone and iPad

Connect the PS4 controller to iPhone and iPad via bluetooth

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Play on iPhone and iPad with the PS4 controller

Today we offer you a very interesting guide, which will allow you to connect the PS4 controller to your iPhone or iPad via bluetooth to play your favorite games.

Not everyone knows it, but, with Jailbreak and a Cydia tweak, possible connect the PS4 controller to iPhone and iPad to play via bluetooth.Thanks to a very simple but useful tweak, iPhone and iPad can "see" and correctly recognize the PS4 controller and allow you to use it with all games that support external controllers.

Let's not get lost in useless chatter and see immediatelythe guide to use the PS4 Dual Shock 4 controller for games on iPad and iPhone.

Connect PS4 controller to iPhone, iPod, iPad

Contrary to what happened for thePS3 controller, with the Dual Shock 4 controllerthe coupling between controller and iPhone / iPad becomes much simpler and more immediate; in this case, in fact, all the pairing operation done exclusively using only the controller and the iOS device, without the need to switch from a Windows or Mac PC.

The tweak that allows us to connect the PS4 controller to iPhone and iPad with Jailbreak is calledControllers for All:undoubtedly it is the definitive Cydia tweakfor players who want to have a better gaming experience on iOS.

I obviously take that Jailbreak has already been done on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Without Jailbreak, in fact, you cannot follow this guide in any way.

How to use the PS4 controller to play on iPhone, iPod, iPad

Said this, connect your PS4 controller to iPhone, iPod and iPad it becomes very simple. All you have to do is:

  • open Cydia
  • search for and install the tweakController for All
  • go to Settings on iOS
  • on Control Type, select the PS4 controller
  • tap the pairing button to start the process that will allow you to connect the PS4 controller to iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • Once you have pressed the Pair Controller button, you will be prompted to press the PS and Sharing buttons on the PS4 controller simultaneously
  • Once this is done, after a few seconds the light on the rear of the Dual Shock 4 will flash and shortly thereafter Controller for All will correctly recognize the Dual Shock 4 and pair with it.

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<p style=The whole procedure takes no more than 2 minutes and, done once, you can connect the PS4 controller to your iPhone, iPod and iPad as many times as you want, without having to repeat the procedure just explained each time.

IMPORTANT: in order for the tweak and pairing with the PS4 controller to work properly, you must necessarilydisable normal Bluetooth connection when using Controller for All.

Now, to play on iPhone, iPod and iPad with the PS4 controller, all you have to do is start any game that natively supports gamepads. At startup you may be required to press the PS button on the Dual Shock 4 controller to connect the Dual Shock 4 to the game, then you will be ready to take advantage of your iPhone, iPad and iPod to play freely.

As already mentioned, remember that not all games are compatible with external controllers:only some titles can be used with a controller, it all depends on the will of the developers.

Well, I'd say we're done. Thanks to this guide you can pair the PS4 Dual Shock with your iPhone, iPod and iPad, greatly improving the gaming experience.

In conclusion report that the tweakController for All can be purchased for $ 1.99. Not for free, but worth all the money spent, I assure you. Thanks to this tweak you can indeed turn your iPhone, iPod or iPad into a real portable console, to always keep with you. Goodbye uncomfortable touch controls, welcome much more realistic, immediate and fun physical controls.

For doubts or questions, use the comments.

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