Use iPhone as Webcam for Mac and PC, Free

Use iPhone as Webcam for Mac and PC, Free

By Giacomo Martiradonna Thursday 14 May 2020

Thanks to a free app, you can use the iPhone (or Android phone) as a wireless webcam for Mac and Windows. Works with all major apps from Zoom to Skype.

If you find yourself in the emergency of having to make a video conference on the fly but you don't have the necessary equipment on hand, don't worry. You can turn iPhone, iPad or Android device into one webcam to use on Mac or Windows PC. With or without wires and above all for free.

Apple Watch, Apple wanted to insert a webcam into the strap

Apple Watch, Apple wanted to insert a webcam into the strap

An Apple Watch webcam? In fact, Apple has explored this possibility since Series 2 times; but in the end, he never put it into practice.

Developed by Kinoni, Epoccam is a free app that must be downloaded on both Mac and mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android); after that, it allows you to use the smartphone / tablet camera as webcam for your macOS or Windows computer. Data transmission can take place via USB cable, or wirelessly and generally works quite well. The only counterpart that from time to time we get a small spot, but otherwise the utility does what it promises.

Epoccam supports the following features:

  • Front or rear camera streaming
  • Compatible with all apps like FaceTime on Skype, direct on Twitch and YouTube, and even platforms like Zoom and OBS studio
  • Automatic connection to iPhone
  • More than 6 meters wireless range
  • Audio video stream encryption for data protection

Very simple operation. That's enough download EpocCam for iPhone or Android from these links:

After that, you need to download the EpocCam driver for macOS or Windows from the official website; for convenience, here are the direct links:

At that point, open the app or video conferencing service, and enjoy.