Upload any type of file to Apple's iCloud


Upload and upload files of any type into iCloud

icloud Upload files to iCloud, of any kind!

Who does not know iCloud raise your hand.

For the few who have never heard this name, let's quickly remember that iCloud Apple's cloud storage service. In essence, Apple, like many other companies, offers you a virtual hard disk, where you can store documents, music, photos and more. Basically all users have 5GB of free space on iCloud, but if you want you can extend the memory by paying an annual subscription according to your needs.

Upload files to iCloud extremely simple, but, basically, Apple prevents you from uploading certain types of files.

In fact, you will not be able to upload your Office documents, your photos or videos shot with your iPhone without problems, but other types of files will not be uploaded to iCloud.

Today, therefore, we will see how to make the most of the 5GB of space offered by iCloud to upload any type of file and document on this virtual hard disk offered by Apple.

Let's see how to proceed.

Thanks to this guide you will therefore have the ability to upload any type of file to iCloud, without limitation, overcoming Apple's restrictions.

Let's begin.


Purchase and install one of these apps: Pages, Keynote or Numbers


  • choose what you want to upload (therefore images, audio files, etc.)
  • click on compress (if you have a Mac) or on "add to an archive" (on Windows) to create an archive of .zip format
  • rename the newly created zip file by adding the .txt extension after the .zip (e.g. pippo.zip.txt)
  • access on icloud.com by entering your access data
  • click on the icon for iWork
  • by clicking on the gear icon at the top right, choose the item load document
  • select the zip.txt file created previously, click on choose
  • the file will now be uploaded to your iCloud space

Once you have uploaded the file of your interest to the network, you will probably also want to download it to another device.

In this case, to download the previously uploaded file, you need to access icloud.com, click on the iWork icon, choose the txt file (which actually contains the zip archive) and download it to the device of your interest. Once the download is complete, in order to use the file uploaded to iCloud, you will only need to rename everything by removing the .txt extension (the one added previously) and decompress the archive.

I'd say we did. In this way we have seen how to upload files of any type to your iCloud account. A very simple procedure to extend the potential offered by Apple's iCloud service for free.

Try it and let us know how you are.


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