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Updates for Oni and Black & White

Updates for Oni and Black & White – Macitynet.it

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Two updates for two rather popular games have been released in the past few hours, Oni and Black & White.

As for Oni (distributed in Europe by the British Feral which also took care of the localization of our language) the update edited by OmniGroup, the company that made a conversion for Mac OS X after GOD Games had made the version for Classic.

Among the news of the patch, which is just over 1 MB, there are news in the audio field where some bugs could also cause the application to freeze.

As for Black & White, the changes are inherent improvements as regards compatibility with Mac OS X. In this case, the "pack" of 12.1 MB and can be downloaded from this page of the Feral website.

The page in Italian incorrectly reports the changes made by a previous patch

The update package does not contain the maps for multiplayer that can be downloaded with an 8.4 MB file always from the same page.

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