whatsapp update

Update of WhatsApp, 2.19.120 brings news for iOS

Introduced a series of news such as the management of invitations in groups and calls on hold

The update of WhatsApp to version 2.19.120 for iOS brings many new features to the messaging application. A full-bodied update in its edition for iPhone including the main one of the call waiting option that allows users of another call to receive a new WhatsApp call, just like on a mobile phone.

Furthermore the new WhatsApp update includes:

  • new privacy settings that allow you to control who can add you to groups. Administrators can decide whether to send you a private invitation as an alternative. To get started go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Groups
  • Updated chat screen design to allow you to quickly scroll through your messages more easily
  • now you can send messages directly from Braille keyboard when using the VoiceOver mode

The most salient new features are therefore essentially two. The first concerns the freedom to decide who can enter us automatically within the groups, functionality already available in WhatsApp version for Android (here all the versions of the operating systems no longer supported by WhatsApp), which now also lands on iOS. The second one allows you to be able to put onecall waiting, so as to be able to manage any other incoming calls at the same time: a decidedly convenient feature, considering the increasing use of instant messaging service also for telephone calls in VOIP.

whatsapp update

The call waiting function of WhatsApp not yet available on Android and it seems to be still under development. Allow users to receive notifications about an incoming call while they are already involved in a phone call. Until now, if a user was making a WhatsApp call, he did not receive another incoming call while the caller was notified that the user was on another call.

With the new update, WhatsApp calls now support call waiting, making it just like voice calls made on cellular networks.

If you have not yet received the new WhatsApp update, you can go to the Apple App Store to check the latest version.