Update Android on Huawei P9: complete guide

Update Android on Huawei P9: complete guide

Did you buy the previous top of the Huawei range, the P9? This smartphone has a technical card that is the envy of many smartphones, to the point of being able to use it for the following years without risking that it becomes obsolete at any moment (especially in the photographic sector). But if you intend to receive the latest updates on Huawei P9 what procedures can you follow? Discover in this guide com to upgrade Android on Huawei P9.

Upgrade Android on Huawei P9

There are many ways to update an Android device, from those recommended by the company to modified ROMs. In this guide I will show you both the official methods and the alternative methods that you can use safely.


The simplest update involves using the included system inside the smartphone, with the care to connect it to a WiFi network (updates can be very heavy indeed).

To update Android on Huawei P9 via OTA, turn on your smartphone, go to the menu Settings is then tap the button Updater.

update Android on Huawei P9

The system will automatically search for any updates released by Huawei, you just need to click on Quick Update when you're ready to upgrade. Consider that if you have a branded model (with operator) the time to receive updates using this method could be longer.

Update with HiSuite

If activating the previous procedure, you find that you have not received any updates via OTA, you can try to try to update via the manager application for Huawei phones on PC, HiSuite. You can download this suite for free on all Windows-based PCs, just click on the following link.


At the end of the installation connect the Huawei P9 to the PC via USB cable and open the HiSuite program; you can use the Update button to search for updates for the Android system on your phone.

update Android on Huawei P9

Update via Recovery

To update Android on Huawei P9 you can also update via Recovery, just download the right file and place it in the device's internal memory.

The file to be downloaded can be found from the following link (download only the update.zip file).

DOWNLOAD | Huawei P9 updates

Once the file is loaded into the internal memory of the Huawei P9 you can enter the update mode by recovery by turning off the P9 and holding down Volume SU + Volume Gi + Power. From the update screen, select SDCard Upgrade and the update.zip package downloaded a little while ago. The system will proceed with the automatic update.

Upgrade Android on Huawei P9 Lite

Custom ROM installation

If you intend to upgrade Android on Huawei P9 with a custom ROM currently available MagicRainbow, a ROM developed on XDA that improves where possible the starting system and allows to express the maximum potential of the device. Currently not a practice that I can recommend on a smartphone so recent; I recommend waiting for the official LineageOS release to try a new custom ROM.

Do you want to try this custom ROM at all costs? You can download it at the following link.

LINK | MagicRainbow

To install this ROM, I suggest you read the guides on how to install TWRP and SuperSU below.

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