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Unofficial Apple Archive is the mega collection of videos, photos and materials on Apple's history

Unofficial Apple Archive raccoglie immagini, video e materiali sulla storia di Apple

In its over 40 years of history, Apple has changed a lot, over and over again: its products and devices, its software as well as advertising videos, marketing materials follow and often anticipate fashions and trends, an impressive amount of materials, many of which now forgotten, are collected by Unofficial Apple Archive.

We can describe it as a completely free museum, available to anyone online, anywhere in the world. A full-bodied collection that will delight not only Cupertino fans, but also for fans of computer history, retrocomputers, as well as those interested in design, programming, advertising and more.

Unofficial Apple Archive collects images, videos and materials on Apple's history

The Unofficial Apple Archive was wanted and created by Sam Henri Gold, a young enthusiast who in 2012 had already ventured into a similar venture, creating the EveryAppleAds channel on Youtube. Here it was possible to find a mega playlist with all Cupertino advertising videos, over 485 spots for hours and hours of video playback, a channel that unfortunately was blocked in 2017.

Precisely because of the unexpected and uncalculated stop of his channel, Sam has decided to work harder to create The Unofficial Apple Archive, as he tells in an interview with 9to5Mac. Now Apple's new unofficial archive contains dozens, hundreds up to thousands of historical goodies: not only the legendary 1984 spot, but also the first Apple II advertisement from 1977, the introduction of PowerMac G4, even a guided tour of iPad 2 with Rihanna's voice and many others.

Apple was founded in 1976, 44 years ago, the equivalent of a geological era in a sector where changes and revolutions are on the agenda. To facilitate navigation and consultation of the impressive amount of materials Sam has divided them according to the year, a classification that at the time of writing reaches up to 2019, but which will undoubtedly be completed to the present day, as well as being constantly enriched.

To consult The Unofficial Apple Archive, start here. On the pages of macitynet we have talked about the history of Apple in numerous articles, including a special made on the occasion of the first 35 years of the multinational that starts from this page. For those who want to admire all of Apple's computers, devices and peripherals in Italy, you can visit the All About Apple museum in Savona.