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Unix peeks out at Macworld with X-11

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Also new for Unix and Linux from Macworld

Silently, almost without saying anything to anyone, from the folds of the Expo, an application intended for the "alpha geek" market emerges, that is, of that people of Unix and Linux who is finding a pleasant landing in Mac Os X.

This is the preliminary version (beta 0.1, therefore really at the beginning of development) of a port of X-11 native to Mac Os X. In practice, the system based on graphics and display libraries alternative to Aqua and widespread in the Unix environment and Linux. Fully integrated with Os X and based on the XFree86 Project, X-11 is the suite that many gave as the main lack within the Mac environment based on BSD Unix.

Among the novelties of this newly released preliminary version (which we will try as soon as we return from San Francisco) compatibility with OpenGL libraries and the X graphics engine, that is Quartz.

Intended for a competent audience of developers and power users, X-11 is one of Apple's promises that are being realized in these hours in San Francisco.

The final outcome, once X-11 has reached an adequate level of development, will be the arrival of a series of Unix and Linux applications on the Mac, greatly increasing the supply for the Apple platform

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