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Universal is developing a portal for music and video?

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The giant of the music sector, which has always been on a collision course with Apple's iTunes, is developing a portal to distribute music and videos, this is what some rumors say among the insiders in circulation in the last days of last week. Among the first to report the rumors are and also Electronista.

According to when industry rumors are reported, Universal Music Group plans to create a portal similar to that created by NBC. In addition to the artists and songs from its extensive catalog, the music giant is planning the inclusion of special content such as interviews and behind the scenes, also it would be inclined to also insert materials and content of other labels.

We would like to remind you that UMG has also made artists and songs from its portfolio available via iTunes but without any contract that binds it to Apple over the long term. Again from UMG, an agreement with YouTube for a dedicated video channel, among the most viewed and followed of the portal, through an agreement that will expire by 2009. Among Universal's strategies to diversify its distribution systems and also to free themselves from the platform Apple-iTunes-iTunes Store, we remind you that UMG recently made its content available for the Saturn online shop, with music tracks completely free of DRM protection and capable of being played on any MP3 player, iPod included. Macity mentioned it here.