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Unity is now Free, revolutionizing Android Gaming

Unity is now Free, revolutionizing Android Gaming

As you will all know by now thanks to the infinite news received byGoogle I / O 2013,the Android Gaming sphere will be enhanced and enriched in the future thanks to Google Game Plays. From today on, we know that Unity, video game development software, is totally free.

Every day more and more new video game developers are born, who bring new and increasingly captivating and interesting ideas that can please any user taste. Unfortunately for them for, until today to be able to access Unitythey had to shell out the beauty of $ 800 just for the licensefortunately, and thanks to Android, it was eliminated by making Unity free.

Needless to say, this will increase the already infinite possibilities of the developers, who will thus have a new reason to continue inventing their video games which we can all enjoy in a simpler and faster way. In addition, as regards the speech concerning the turnover, thanks to Google Game Plays and free UnityAndroid will once again defeat the competition,reconfirming itself as the true dominator of the market.


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