UMi Diamond cheap and powerful smartphone: proof of use

UMi Diamond cheap and powerful smartphone: proof of use

Success in a market as competitive as that of smartphones, can only reach those companies that are able to anticipate future user needs and improve their products in accordance with them. The Chinese company UMi is one of these manufacturers. The company is growing, obtaining a consensual part of the users. The objective of this review is to present an inexpensive smartphone with excellent features. UMi has officially released the UMi Diamond smartphone which stands out for its excellent workmanship and the good hardware features offered at an affordable price.

At the moment there is no other smartphone that has a 3 GB RAM as on UMI Diamond at such a low price. I got to try UMi Diamondsmartphone that is sold on GearBestat the very convenient price 90,56 , and in this article I would like to share my thoughts with you.

At such a competitive sales price, good components and services are offered. In general the evaluation of this positive device. There are some aspects that are not fully satisfactory, but for this price range a respectable terminal. If you want to learn more about UMi Diamond, keep reading the detailed review of this interesting smartphone.

UMi Diamond cheap and powerful smartphone


UMi Diamondlow-cost smartphones that stand out for their pleasant design and the use of good materials, although the back is made of polycarbonate. Rounded corners and edges of the body in metal generally guarantee a very ergonomic grip. The front panel, shock-resistant and scratch-resistant, has 2.5D edges on the edges and is covered by a double glass with T2X-1 technology, which will preserve the device from bumps or falls up to 1 , 5m. This solution significantly reduces the risk of breaking the display from the phone when it comes from hands.

The size of UMi Diamond is 143 x 70 x 9.35 mm for a total weight of 169gr. Aesthetically, it adopts a highly sought after design and the curved body on the back gives an excellent feeling when held in the hand. The edges have a metal structure that aligns with the front display and this detail gives a very elegant look to the whole device. The company's attention to design makes it possible to place this device in a higher market segment.

On the front there is a 2MP camera and a light sensor. At the bottom, instead, there are three unlit Android classic keys that vibrate at their touch. On the right side are the volume rocker and the on / off button.

The clean left edge, as the company has decided to place the SIM slots under the removable cover, positioned above the battery that can be easily replaced. The upper side equipped with the 3.5mm headphone jack and the microUSB port for charging.

Finally, on the lower edge we find the loudspeaker and the microphone. The back consists of a removable glossy plastic body, but of good quality, very pleasant to the touch even if the glossy surface favors fingerprints. On this side is the 8MP camera, the flash and the UMi brand.


Another strength of this smartphone is the IPS display. UMi Diamond sports an elegant one 5-inch HD screen with a resolution of 720 1280 and a pixel density of 294 ppi (pixels per inch), which allows bright, vivid colors and good contrast. These features allow the device to be used easily even in the presence of direct sunlight. Bearing in mind the price range, this display can be considered satisfactory, although obviously not on a par in terms of resolution with a FullHD display.


UMi Diamond smartphone with good technical features powered by a processor MT6753 Octa-core 1.5GHz with 3GB of RAM is 16GB of internal memory. Although UMi adopts the old Mediatek chipset, however an Octa core used in many smartphones with powerful features. It has a 3GB RAM memory, which allows you to run different applications to make it run the risk that they can be closed by the system when you switch from one app to another. Even if it has only 16 GB of internal memory, you can still expand it up to 128GB through a MicroSD .

During daily use I was able to verify that, even after prolonged use and under an excessive load, the device does not tend to heat up much. difficult to find a hardware defect. Despite having a resolution of the HD display, the combination of the Mediatek processor with 3GB of RAM and the Mali T720MP3 GPU hold their own even in the most demanding games. This combination allows you to play games even with high graphics intensity like Asphalt 8: Airborne without heating problems or delays.

The internal memory of 16GB may seem insufficient to store all the data we need, but it is compensated by the MicroSD slot located under the case which supports cards up to 128 GB.


The company, with UMI Diamond, did not want to focus much on the photographic sector. In fact on Diamond was mounted on the rear a sensor from 8 megapixels which however produces good quality snakes in both natural and artificial lighting conditions. The front one from 2 megapixels. Considering the resolution of these cameras, it may seem that UMi Diamond has a big limit in the photographic department, but the results obtained from the tests carried out, both internally and externally, have satisfied my daily needs, ie those of taking pictures with a good resolution. even making unazoom on the photo, I did not notice relevant grains, giving back a good visibility of the details. I made shots in the interior that were not lit without the use of flash, and I was surprised by the quality of the image without grains even when zooming the photo.

The only limit found is the speed of the shot, which is not really fast, so it is necessary to keep the hand still until the end of the processing. The camera software that stock of Mediatek, but allows different settings to improve the snaps in various shooting conditions. There are various modes, such as the one for focusing more than one face, adjusting the exposure, various scene modes such as night, sunset, portrait, etc., white balance and anti flicker.

present also the gesture acquisition, which automatically acquires the photo when a gesture is detected. Very useful function when you want to take a picture of yourself.

During the shooting phase, filters can also be used, selecting from negative, water, single color, sepia, whiteboard and black chalkboard.


As for the battery life, UMI Diamond provided one Sony 2650mAh battery to lithium polymers, which offers sufficient working hours to arrive until evening with normal use of the device. But if you use it to play or watch videos, you will have to load it more than once in a day. The good battery life is guaranteed above all by the HD screen, which allows a reduced power consumption compared to full HD resolution panels.

I used the device daily to surf the Internet, make a few phone calls, use Facebook, look at emails and managed to get through the day without any problems.

Other functions

On UMI Diamond installed the operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallowwith a stock Android user interface. There are no bloatware or useless applications that consume RAM or are activated in the background, and this is certainly an advantage. Only the apps that can serve you can be downloaded from the Play Store already pre-installed.

Dual sim edual standby smartphone. Support the network 4G LTE and works perfectly with the 800 MHz band, thus ensuring compatibility with all Italian operators. The system speaker has a custom audio chip, which always ensures a clear and clear sound. The most important sensors are also available, such as ambient light, proximity sensors and the gravity sensor (accelerometer).


UMI Diamond smartphone that presents several positivisia points from the point of view of the design, very attractive, that of the hardware, with its 3GB of RAM, Octa core, 5 ″ IPS 2.5D screen, a good audio system and low price. But there are some features that are not fully satisfactory as the resolution of the cameras (even if they guarantee satisfactory shots) and the power of the battery. , even if of good workmanship.

Let's look more convenient: UMi DiamondChinese-made smartphone that has an extremely competitive price of only 90,56 up GearBest. This reasonable price suggests that UMI Diamond shows some of the limitations of battery and camera, but also the most competitive smartphone you can buy in this period of the year in colors Golden, Blackis Whitein promotion a 90,56 on GearBest.