Ulysses for iPhone: writing on the iPhone becomes enjoyable

Ulysses for iPhone: writing on the iPhone becomes enjoyable

From the day I started the project Guideitech I started looking for a good text editor that would allow me to write blog articles without distractions. For a couple of years I have been using Ulysses for Mac with satisfaction, an excellent app that integrates many useful functions and supports the Markdown markup language. During 2015 the German company The Soulmen has released the counterpart for Ulysses iPad, bringing on the tablet of Apple all the features that have made Ulysses for iPhone obtained the recognition of "Best of Mac App Store".

The developers continued to work hard on this project and at the beginning of 2016 they released the version ofUlysses for iPhone, which at the same time has become universal by integrating all the new features of iOS 9 and adding support for the iPad Pro screen.

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<h3><span class=Ulysses for iPhone: writing on the iPhone has become enjoyable

The first impression you have when you start Ulysses for iPhone for the first time a sense of pleasantness. A good graphical interface associated with a good location of the user-recalled buttons, which integrate well into a small screen like that of the iPhone and provide all the features found on both iPad and especially Mac.

Ulysses iPhone keyboard

By creating a new sheet, the keyboard will appear with a new line offering a series of quick functions. Starting from the left, the magnifying glass allows searching for words or phrases in the text, while with thearrowallows to cancel the last operations carried out. The three intermediate buttons allow access to different formatting functions, such as writing bold text, italics, inserting links, images, bullet points and so on.

Finally, on arrow keys for iPhones, two arrow keys have been inserted to ensure that you can quickly scroll through the text as if you had the arrow keys on your keyboard. Depending on whether you enter a text in bold, italic, a block of code or other, this text element is colored a different color to highlight the different sections present inside the sheet, so as to allow easy identification of the different sectors .

Ulysses iPhone top men

By closing the keypad, additional sets of options are made available to the user. Below is the count of the words / characters, with an additional button at the bottom right that allows you to hide all the buttons of the graphic interface for a reading of the text we wrote without distractions. In the upper bar, on the other hand, it is possible to access the attachments of the text sheet, change font and page layout, disable Markdown formatting and enable the dark mode for a better and more pleasant reading at night.

On Ulysses for iPhone you can also export text in different formats, including in HTML, ePub, PDF or simple formatted text. For each format chosen, it is possible to view the preview, with the possibility of exporting it by opening it in another app or uploading it to a cloud storage service installed on your device.

Ulysses for iOS was designed to integrate all the new features made available by iOS 9. One of the most useful is compatibility with the sharing menu. This way you can import documents from other apps into Ulysses. For example, you can import a text file in .docx format (Microsoft Word format), which will then be analyzed by Ulysses and converted into markdown respecting all text formatting. I tested this functionality with a document of about 20 pages, being pleasantly surprised by the final quality of the conversion.

The new version of Ulysses has been made universal and therefore compatible with all Apple hardware platforms. This has prompted developers to improve the integration of iCloud, which makes it easy to synchronize all the sheets, groups and filters created. The synchronization is very reliable and I have not had any problem to keep all my sheets updated between iPhone, iPad and Mac. Through the main Ulysses menu it is possible to access all the documents we have written, being able to collect them in groups to keep them organized the different work areas.

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<p>The 2.5 version of Ulysses for iOS has not only brought compatibility with the iPhone, but also optimization for iPad Pro and the integration of a series of functions compatible with the most recent iPads, such as the Split View and Slide Over modes that allows the use of two apps at the same time. In this way, for example, you can take notes while searching through Safari.</p>
<p>Do not miss the integration with Handoff that allows you to continue writing a text sheet between one device and another. For example, if you start writing an article on the iPhone, you can easily continue on the Mac by picking up exactly where you were on the iPhone. Finally, the compatibility with the iPhone 6S 3D Touch and Spotlight is worth noting to search for documents directly from the global iOS search.</p>
<h3><span class=Conclusions

Over the years, Ulysses has been confirmed as one of the best text writing software. A well-designed graphic interface, useful functions well integrated with the system, as well as a multitude of formats and styles that can be used to export texts, make this app a must-have for all writers, journalists, bloggers and those who write a lot through their Mac and would like to continue their work in mobility thanks to the integration and synchronization with iPhone and iPad. I have been using Ulysses with satisfaction for two years and having seen the commitment of the developers over the years to improve the app, I think it will continue to be used in the future.

Ulysses available for both Macs at a cost of 44.99 for both iOS (iPhone and iPad) at a cost of 24.99. If you are interested in trying the app before buying, a free trial version for Mac can be downloaded via this link.