TWRP Recovery: what it is and how to install it on an Android smartphone

TWRP Recovery: what it is and how to install it on an Android smartphone

You bought a smartphone last year but the manufacturer did nothing to update your device, leaving it with an old version of Android. In these cases it is wise to try a new unofficial ROM for the device, so that you always have the latest version of Android updated. But before you can install any ROM you need install a new recovery; among these the best for Android laTWRP Recovery.

Discover in this guide what TWRP Recovery is and how you can install it on an Android smartphone.

NOTE: installing unofficial recovery may void the warranty and irreparably damage the device. The site assumes no responsibility for the improper use of the commands and programs recommended in the following guide.

TWRP Recovery

LaTWRP Recovery without a doubt the best alternative recovery that you can install on your smartphone with the green robot. All smartphones have special software (called recovery notes) that can provide some advanced features for device recovery and for installing updates. The official recovery (the one released by the factory together with the smartphone) does not allow to install ROM "without signature", therefore you can't try customizing ROMs (like LineageOS) without changing the recovery altogether.

The best alternative recovery you can tryTWRP, whose abbreviation means Team Win Recovery Project (from the name of the group that manages its development).TWRP Recovery

This open source recovery is constantly updated and available for virtually any device boasting Android operating system.

  • How to install the TWRP Recovery

Before installing an unofficial recovery the bootloader may need to be unlocked! Many manufacturers prevent unofficial smartphone changes by blocking a portion of the software that manages the phone's startup; in this way it is not possible to install non-official alternative n ROMs. Before trying to install the TWRP Recovery you will have to search on Google for the procedure (official or not) to unlock the bootloader of your smartphone.

Once the bootloader limits are removed (if any) install simple TWRP Recovery, just install and copy some commands. First of all get the TWRP Recovery for your specific smartphone model; you can search for the specific TWRP Recovery for your device from the following link.


TWRP Recovery

Enter the name of your device in the search field, then download the latest version of TWRP available.

TWRP Recovery

Click on one of the links below the section Download Links. Now that you have downloaded the alternative recovery the time to prepare the PC and the smartphone for the operation.

On PC you will need ADB and Fastboot to be able to "load" the recovery on the smartphone. Download the ADB quick installer from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | ADB 15 second installer

In the window that opens for installation, press the Y button and press the Enter button where required to confirm the ADB installation.TWRP Recovery

On smartphone you will need to activate the USB debugging mode to be able to load the recovery. The standard route Settings-> Developer Options -> USB Debugging. If you don't find the Developer Options, you just need to tap repeatedly on the Build Number, present inSettings -> Device Info; you will see a new section appear in the settings.

TWRP Recovery

Now that your smartphone is ready, open the folder on the PC where you saved the TWRP image (in .img format).

TIP: I suggest you to create a separate folder even on the desktop where to put only the TWRP image!

Right-click while holding SHIFT anywhere in the TWRP folder and open the entry Open Powershell window here or Open prompt here.TWRP Recovery

Now connect the smartphone to the PC via USB cable and from the terminal window you opened first enter the following command.

adb reboot bootloader

The smartphone will reboot itself in bootloader mode. Now you are ready to upload the TWRP Recovery; always from the command window you opened on the PC type:

fastboot flash recovery twrp-x.x.x.x-xxx.img

Where instead of x you will find the downloaded TWRP version. You can help in compiling the TWRP name by pressing the TAB key. Confirm with Enter to load the TWRP on the smartphone; at the end type the following command in the terminal to restart the device.

fastboot reboot

Installation of TWRP Recovery completed! Check that your device turns on and that everything is working properly.

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