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Twitter policy: all kinds of commercials are prohibited

goodbye policy on twitter

A question of credibility for CEO Jack Dorsey, but is there anything else behind it?

Politics on Twitter no longer exists. Twitter will not allow plus the publication of political announcements on one's social platform. This was announced by the CEO Jack Dorsey. Dorsey himself who explained the company's reasoning behind the decision in a series of tweets.

The move sparked imminent praise from Democrats including Hillary Clinton, who defined it "the right thing to do for democracy in America and around the world". But it caused an immediate reproach from the president's campaign Donald Trump, who reported it as "yet another attempt to silence conservatives".

"A political message gains reach when people decide to follow an account or retake ”, wrote Dorsey.We believe that this decision should not be compromised by money .

Chief executive Jack Dorsey used the social network to communicate the news about the decision to block the policy on Twitter. The decisionhe explains, was taken to prevent potential problems of "optimization based on messaging and micro-targeting, non-controlled misleading information and profound false information".

In a Twitter thread, Dorsey listed all the reasons for the choice:"If it is true that advertising is incredibly powerful and efficient with regard to commercial announcements, this power carries significant risks for political ones, because it can be used to influence the votes and condition the lives of millions of people ".

All against the position of Facebook who recently said that they will not check politicians' advertisements. Decision that triggered a negative reaction from legislators and employees.

goodbye policy on twitter

Without naming Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, Dorsey pointed the finger at the rhetoric regarding social network policy on political advertising.Zuckerberg recently discussed the importance of free expression in relation to the advertising policy in a Georgetown University event dedicated to that ideal.

In his latest tweet Dorsey said precisely: It is not a matter of free expression, but of being able to reach as many people as possible to impose one's political ideology".

Not the first time that Dorsey targets Zuckerberg. Twitter vs Facebook also in politics?