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Twitter Lite the "light" Social app is being tested

Twitter Lite a light version of the platform, just 3 MB more easily accessible to users in countries with a weak Internet

He made Facebook, he made it YouTube and now even Twitter gets it: we're talking about offering a light version of its platform to make it more easily accessible to users in countries where internet access is still less robust. Last April, Twitter Product Manager Patrick Traughber published a blog post to announce the debut of Twitter Lite, described as a new web experience that minimizes data usage, loads quickly with slow connections, resilient over unreliable mobile networks and takes up less than 1 MB on your device.

Twitter Lite: the Test in the Philippines

Starting from having a low-impact version of Twitter in terms of data, it was inevitable that an app light would also be presentedcurrently being tested in the Philippines.

For users located in the Philippines the app can normally be found through the Google Play Store, in the presence of a version of Android from 5.0. The app supports the Philippine language, in addition to English, and can also be used on 2G and 3G networks.

Only 3 MB for Twitter Lite

The test of the new app Twitter Lite in the Google Play Store in the Philippines another opportunity to increase the availability of Twitter in this marketa Twitter spokesman said; theand the Philippines have slow mobile connections and expensive data plans and mobile devices with limited space for apps are still very common there. Twitter Lite overcomes these barriers to the use of Twitter in the Philippineshe continued.

The new app it takes up less than 3 MB and has a data saving function that allows the user to choose which images and videos are actually downloaded.

While the adoption of modern smartphones is rapidly growing in the world, the infrastructure for connection does not always grow at the same rate, in fact, as reported by GSMA, 45% of mobile connections remain in 2G; considering, therefore, that smartphone connections are currently around 3.8 billion, it means that there are very many phones that connect to slow networks.

Not only lighter: Twitter Lite requires less data traffic

Twitter Lite not only it requires less data usage, but also promises 30% faster boot speed and faster navigation on the whole platform. Users can still see the key components of the social service, including timelines, tweets, direct messages, trends, profiles, media uploads and notifications, but it is not yet known if the night version will be supported in the Lite version of the platform.

To make things even more efficient, Twitter's Slavic-data mode can reduce data usage by up to 70%. In addition, Twitter Lite also offers offline support in order to keep the session open even with intermittent connections.

Twitter Lite