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Twitter launches Happening Now to follow the events, starting with the sport

Twitter launches Happening Now function dedicated to newcomers that will take users to a dedicated timeline of tweets related to events

Immediately after #SaveForLater, Twitter presents a new feature, Happening Now , to make its service more accessible to newcomers to the app, highlighting groups of tweets concerning specific topics, starting with sport, before expanding the function to new areas, such as entertainment and news .. In many ways it resembles the current Moments function. Moments also offers a way to learn more about specific topics for certain categories, such as sports, news and entertainment.

Twitter Happening now, "now happens" a new way to see news

But Momenti a selection of tweets that tell a story, while Happening Now will bring users to a dedicated timeline of tweets related to the event. The Moments of Twitter are also more visually rich, with images and videos, and this is why they have often been compared to Snapchat or Instagram Stories.

In demo of the new feature, posted on the official account @Twitter, there are Happening Now events for the MLB, NBA and NFL matches, shown at the top of the Twitter timeline, where you can scroll horizontally between the available events and marked by descriptive titles and a picture, for example: NFL Giants vs Buccaneers.

Twitter "Happening now" doesn't just depend on hashtags

A particularly interesting thing about this new implementation that it does not depend entirely on the hashtags, apparently. In the short demo shared by Twitter, some tweets refer to hashtags on reported events, such as eg Giants vs. Buccaneers with the hashtags #Giants, #GiantsFan, #Buccaneers and #GoBucs, but other tweets mention the game in plain text, even vaguely, and a tweet only shows the text: O friend, I'm on the edge of my chair.

A Twitter easier for new users

This is not the first, nor will it be the last time Twitter tries to make its service more useful for newcomers who simply want to follow issues and not people. Last year, Twitter updated its page to make it navigable by users not logged in to make certain categories available, such as news, sports, music, entertainment and others, and even the chance to see some Moments and tweets promoted. The company also relaunched its Explore at the beginning of the year section to help users find videos, trends and Moments in a single tab.

Twitter happening now avoids creating custom lists

Though Happening Now mainly interesting for new users who do not want to create custom lists, following hashtag or deciding who to follow to find interesting news and information, could also be attractive to users accustomed to using the platform, although many think that their timeline is increasingly invaded by features that are not particularly interesting or relevant.

With all these new features and suggestions determined by the algorithm, Twitter is perhaps losing some of its simplicity, in an attempt to make the platform easier and more immediate to use.

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