Twitter save for later save tweets

Twitter introduces the "Save For Later" to save tweets

Twitter is developing the "Save for later" bookmarking feature to save tweets in a simple and private way. The hashtag #saveforlater

Following the announcement of tweets of more than 280 characters, Twitter revealed that it is developing a bookmarking feature to save tweets in a simple and private way. This is a highly requested feature, of which a company product manager shared a first prototype today.

Save for later, a bookmark for tweets

In reference to "Save for Later", Twitter product manager Jesar Shah revealed the feature, noting that many – especially in Japan – want the ability to" easily and privately save tweets for later ".

Many use likes and retweets as bookmarks, others even send messages themselves to save tweets. The first option is invasive because you don't want to let the tweeter know / save, while the latter – along with third-party bookmarking services like Pocket – requires more effort.

Save for later: Save tweets in private

Born of a Hack Week, Twitter is developing a native feature that should provide an easier alternative and maintain privacy. The prototype shared by the product manager shows the site in a mobile version. A panel then opens with a new "Add to bookmarks" button, as well as the "Share via DM" option.

When saving, a shortcut bar is displayed for quick access to "View bookmarks". Alternatively, a new Bookmarks section will appear in the main application menu showing a list of saves.

Functionality seems to be in its early stages, while Twitter seeks feedback, while sharing drawings, experiments and research. Lhashtag to keep an eye on: #SaveForLater.

Twitter save for later save tweets