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Twitter chirps on iOS 4

Twitter chirps on iOS 4 – Macitynet.it

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After the enormous enthusiasm shown for its new application for iPhone and iPod Touch, it was already clear that Twitter would constantly update and improve it. It was therefore foreseeable that a new version of the micro-blogging software would appear on the App Store immediately after the launch of iOS 4, adding all that the users of the well-known social network were looking forward to. The first and fundamental novelty is the possibility of fully exploiting the features of the new firmware, allowing the application to run in the background and send tweets even after returning to the dashboard: this is a useful addition especially when sending heavier messages, with images and videos attached.

The multimedia file sending service has also been changed, now more secure and entrusted to Oauth, while some annoying bugs in the previous version have been corrected. Pending the release of iPhone 4, the Twitter application has also made itself compatible with the device's Retina Display, and will therefore offer unprecedented display of text and menus. For those who have not yet installed it, Twitter is available for free on the App Store.

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