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Twitter against abuse: now you can block new users and strangers

Twitter adopts new tools against abuse. Now block the trolls break into people's notifications with their offensive answers.

Twitter adopts new tools against abuse. When trolls break into people's notifications with their offensive responses, the accounts linked to them could be blocked via Twitter. The company has in fact launched new tools to help silence the most annoying excesses. Finally You can turn off notifications from accounts you have just registered, from people who do not have a mail and phone certificate or from someone who does not follow a profile yet comments on their posts.

How to stop trolleys abusing on Twitter?

Go to the Notifications section -> Settings -> Advanced Twitter filters.

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Now you have even more control over your notifications.Disable accounts that don't follow you, new accounts, and more:

These new configurations follow some steps already taken by Twitter in March for reduce the spread of fake profiles without profile picture and without having verified the email address or phone number.Twitter has also activated the filtering of new direct messages in a dedicated folder (Requests).

Twitter has been publicly invited to address its problems related to the forms of abuse on the platform for years. But currently, Twitter's strategy seems to be more focused on hiding abuses, rather than acting against those who spread hatred and threats.

The changes we have shared today, even if they are in no way decisive, could limit and reduce the damage caused by trolls and their improvised accounts.

In order for Twitter to move to a higher level, it must be made available to anyone, even by those users who are not able to configure remote settings, understand user interface jargon and so on.

Still, Twitter remains a valuable service for everyone. Twitter's challenge is to make its application quite simple and safe, even if it could mean it inhibit the use of spam bots and some unpleasant characters, while maintaining its number of growing users.

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