Tweetstorm: Twitter tests a function that simplifies them

The tweetstorms are becoming a constant on Twitter, if they are seen more and more often, now (maybe) they will become easier.

Tweetstorms are becoming a constant on Twitter, if they are seen more and more often, now (maybe) they will become easier.

What are tweetstorms

The tweetstorms are one of a sequence of tweets made by the same author in each in response to the previous tweet, so as to form a sequence that is also visually linked. Recently and not hard to see someone do it, he creates a thread, for example, to make a huge political comment made of 30 tweets.

The tweetstorms will be easier, Twitter is trying them out

Regardless of the appreciability of this use mode, short comments could soon be made easier, made by multiple tweets. A user, whose alias Davesh Logendran (as reported by TechCrunch), discovered a hidden experimental function in the Android app that it would make it possible to launch tweetstorm in a simple way: instead of posting tweets one at a time and replying in sequence, with this function it seems possible to compose everything in advance and share it all at once, later. This way you can avoid worrying about the sequence being broken, or that people who respond to the tweets before the entire comment has been divided into multiple tweets. The Social Media manager of The Next Web, Matt Navarra, also noted the same function.

Twitter has refused to comment on the matter and the function is not currently officially available for public tests.

Are tweetstorms bad or good?

I doubt whether it is wise to enable tweetstorm simplification, perhaps it would be more useful if Twitter suggested users to write on Medium in case of non-exhaustive thoughts in 140 characters, As long as the 140 character limit remains in force, it is understandable that one indulges in play it, Twitter included. People who habitually use tweetstorms are technology experts or political activists, in both cases very influential, and generate a lot of activity on the platform and it is plausible that Twitter wants to do everything necessary for these people not to take away with them their fanbase on Facebook .tweetstorm