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[Tutorial]: Let's learn Pages, the "made in" Apple word processor for Mac! Part 42: How …

TUTORIAL: Let's learn Pages, the "made in" Apple word processor for Mac! Part 2: Lo ...


Pages, the word processor for Mac developed by Apple. In this series of tutorials we see together to take the first steps to become experts! Part42: How to use an index

Using a word processing model, Pages can automatically generate an index for your document. Many word processing models have a preformatted index that you can add to your document.

To create the index in a word processing document, you need to use the paragraph styles for the document headers consistently.

After creating an index, you can format it to change its appearance.

Create and update an index

Each index you create using a word processing model lists only the content that follows until the next index. To set a master index for the entire document, it must be the only index and positioned at the beginning of the document.

To update the index after editing the document, click on any item in the index or click "Update Now" in the Index panel of "Document Settings". If you don't update the index after making changes to the document, it will be automatically updated when you close the document.

To create an index:

  1. Click Settings in the toolbar, click the Document button, then click Index.
  2. Select the options next to the paragraph styles, the text of which you want to include in the index. For example, if you want to insert all top-level headers and sub-headers in the index, select the paragraph style used for top-level headings and sub-headers.Screen 2013-05-04 at 13.24.58 If the selected styles are not used in all sections of the document, when you create the index, a message will be displayed informing you that the index is empty. If you select the styles frequently used in the document, the index may be longer than necessary.
  3. In the # column, select the options of the styles in which you want to include a page number. Position the insertion point at the beginning of the line where you want to insert the index, then choose Insert> Index.
  4. If the word processing model you are using has a predefined index, click on the page preceding the point where you want to insert the index, click Sections in the toolbar and choose Index.

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