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How to use Apple Music Free and block automatic renewal Activate the free trial of Apple Music and deactivate automatic renewal.

How to use Apple Music Free without automatic renewal

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How to remove Apple Music auto renewal after 3 months free

We are finally here: since yesterday the new Apple music streaming service, the famous, has been launchedApple Music.


As we all know, to use Apple Music you need to subscribe which costs 9.99 per month. For the first 3 months after registration you can use Apple Music for free, but, after the third month, you will have to pay to continue using Apple's music streaming service, which, unlike Spotify, does not offer any free options.

The thing that could annoy users who, after 90 days from the activation of Apple Music, the subscription will be renewed automatically at the price of 9.99 monthly, unless the user goes to disable the automatic reactivation of Apple Music in time. In practice, if you do not disable the automatic renewal of Apple Music, after 90 days you will have to pay 10 per month, which will be automatically deducted from your credit card.

Disabling Apple Music Auto Renewal

If you want to activate Apple Music and use Apple Music for free only for the trial period, therefore, is it convenient for you immediately deactivate the automatic renewal of the service before you forget. This way you can listen and use Apple Music for free for 90 days and, after this period, the service will not be renewed automatically.

If you don't know how to disable the automatic renewal of Apple Music, do not worry. In this guide we explain how to do it.

Disable automatic renewal Apple Music: how to do it

Here are the steps to follow for disable automatic renewal of Apple Music.

To disable Apple Music automatic renewal right now all you have to do is follow these steps:

1. Open the Music app

2. Click on the account icon at the top left

3. Click on View Apple ID and enter your password

4. Click on Manage under Subscriptions

5. Turn off the Auto Renewal item below.

This way you will have auto-renewal turned off for Apple Music and you will have avoided an unpleasant surprise payment in a few months.

By deactivating this item, you will still be entitled to three-month free trial of Apple Music, without having to perform any other operations. After 90 days, you will no longer be able to use Apple Music unless you pay the 9.99 required by Apple.

Have you already tried Apple Music? What do you think of Apple's music streaming service?

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