Trip Slideshow, the Facebook travel diary is inspired by Google+

Trip Slideshow, the Facebook travel diary is inspired by Google+

Facebook is testing Trip Slideshow, a new feature to create slideshows in 5 minutes

You have just returned from a fantastic holiday, are you looking forward to sharing the best photos with your friends but you never have time to do it? Don't worry, soon Facebook will do it for you.You've got it right: you will no longer need to find the time needed to select the best shots from the hundreds of photos you took on vacation. In fact, it seems that A Menlo Park is testing a new feature, which is so new then not: it's called Trip Slideshowand allow you to automatically create short slideshows of all your experiences during our last trip. A sort of multimedia diary – so to speak – in which all the photographs and all the data related to the time spent traveling will be inserted. In other words, Facebook will group the photographs of a trip based on the place and time they were taken. Exactly as it happens with theGoogle+ Stories.

Let's imagine, for example, being on the road and uploading the best shots on Facebook. The servers of the popular social network will recognize that these are related photographs and will automatically create a multimedia presentation through the functionTrip Slideshow. Once the diary is created, you can decide to change the title and the geographic position, in case the latter is not precise. Furthermore, new features will not be available to everyone, the diary can also be shared among users. At the moment, in fact, Trip Slideshow in beta, which is why it is only available to very few users who use Facebook on mobile devices (the function is not yet available on the desktop) and who have promptly reported and recorded it, probably waiting for a more general roll-out.

Now that you've seen how it works, you'll surely realize that Trip Slideshow is identical to the Google + Stories. As it seems,Facebookhe appreciated the idea of ​​BigG so much that he practically copied it. Yet something tells us that, when Facebook opensTrip Slideshowto all, the general public will know only the latter. What do you think about it?


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