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Travel inside the iPhone 4 gyroscope with iFixit

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Travel inside the iPhone 4 gyroscope with iFixit –

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The chip of the gyroscope integrated in the iPhone 4 is so small that it is likely to go unnoticed by most non-professionals who, by chance, took a look at the phone's motherboard. This did not happen to the trained eyes of the iFixit experts who, in collaboration with Chipworks, have uncovered every secret and detail of this semi-mysterious component. Thanks to a microscope, the internal structure of the chip was analyzed compared with that of other similar chips, known and present on the market. In this way, even in the absence of any reference, iFixit and Chipworks are able to confidently state that the iPhone 4 gyroscope built by ST Microelectronics and is very similar, practically identical to the L3G4200D model on the market.

It is a MEMS gyroscope, i.e. a highly miniaturized component within which both mechanical and electronic components are present. In addition to Nintendo's latest generation controllers, this type of gyroscope (also called vibrational) used in cars, inside the control systems of the skid. The gyroscope also integrated in the cameras to offer the image stabilization function and much more.

The function in iPhone measures the variation of the position of an oscillating mass inside the chip according to the principle of Coriolis force. This allows the iPhone to transmit more information to the software compatible with this functionality and to create more sophisticated and advanced games.

The complete analysis of the iPhone 4 gyroscope and also of other similar commercially available chips made by iFixit and Chipworks available starting from this page.

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