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Transmeta seeks new markets

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Transmeta tries to get out of the crisis in which it finds itself by looking for new outlets for Crusoe processors.After the large majority of PC manufacturers give up on using their chips, after the failure of negotiations with some OEMs operating in the server field, the company founded by Linus Thorvalds now focuses on markets parallel to IT, printers, digital devices and the sector operating in the embedded systems sector. "This segment – explained Transmeta CEO Mark Allen yesterday during a press conference – will have a market equal to that of laptops within the next year". Just the number of systems that will adopt Crusoe is currently one of the most significant for Transmeta which risks being confined to a niche segment. Last year, according to some market surveys, no more than 500,000 Crusoe chips were sold, a significant figure for a debut product, but according to observers it will be impossible for Transmeta to remain active if it cannot soon reach at least one million chips per year . At the moment the percentage of Transmeta's market does not exceed 0.3% in general and in the laptop sector only at 2%. The company says it is confident in a successful future both in terms of volumes and from the point of view of profit. The costs of Transmeta chips, lower than those of the competition, and the fact that some important market segments, such as corporations, seem to have embraced the company's point of view: sales with very low consumption and heating chips suitable for sub notebook.