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Towards mixed networks, WiFi cell phones

Towards mixed networks, WiFi cell phones – Macitynet.it

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Surf the Internet with WiFi roaming and make calls using the same infrastructures, this is the aim of two initiatives by HP and Juniper Networks.

In fact, HP has announced the release of a software that allows access providers to activate a sort of roaming between the various WiFi hot spots as well as for cellular telephony. Networks that will use this software will be able to enable customers of different providers by precisely counting the access costs and invoicing them to the partners.

In addition to this, HP's software can add voice and data calls and automatically provide broadband connectivity when you reach the range of action of a hot spot.

In this way, access providers will be able to easily and transparently transform their cellular networks into mixed voice-data networks using 802.11x technologies.

According to HP, the system is also able to drastically reduce costs, reducing them by a good 40% compared to mixed networks but with separate hardware and software.

In turn Juniper Networks instead presented a similar hardware and software system that adds a WiFi module to normal cellular telephone exchanges

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