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Touch the edge and drop the signal on iPhone 4, for Apple everything normal

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<p>Apple is aware of the problem of the disappearance of the signal if you hold iPhone 4 by touching the two antennas that are located on the left side, but does not seem willing to consider this problem as a bug. The Cupertino company, under pressure from the media and customers, has in fact provided an answer which shows that, at least according to its engineers, this "normal" and common situation for all telephones. </p><div class=

"By tightening each phone – reads a written declaration sent to Engadget – there is always a certain attenuation of the antenna performance, with certain points that are more problematic than others, depending on the position of the antenna. This is a fact however for every cordless phone. If you are in this condition with iPhone 4, avoid squeezing it in the lower left, near the corner, in order to cover both sides of the black strip in the metal band, or simply use one of the many available houses "

The answer that throws cold water on the hope that Apple could somehow intervene on what the consequence, now established, that derives from the design of the iPhone 4, seasoned by various responses sent by Steve Jobs to iPhone 4 owners who have addressed directly to him. The replicas are synthetic, but in all the same sense: there is no design defect, only a problem common to the world of telephones. To a Tuaw Jobs reporter he also added: "there are cell phones that are sold with an inscription that says not to cover the antenna". Too bad, it must be said, that no phone on the market has an antenna on the edge of the phone and you are therefore obliged to touch it if you want to hold it in your hand …