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Totem Runner in the Play Store

Totem Runner in the Play Store

Chilingo has developed and made available in the Play Store its new running game, or 'Totem Runner'. Although the title seems to be the usual runner game, this is quite different as it has new features that are different from other games. In fact, the whole game revolves around the protagonist who looks like a kind of stylized shaman who is inspired by the mythology of the Maya.

His goal will be to run in order to save the world from the forest, to make the main character there he will have to use his special powers and obviously avoid all the obstacles he will find on the road. In addition, the protagonist of the game will be able to make three transformations, just to be able to continue on his way, he will be able to change into an eagle, a dragon and a rhino. The new features of the game present innovative ways: there is a "FANTASTIC ACTION" in which the main character will present transformations into beasts, for example in dragon and many other types. Then there are 'INCREDIBLE WORLDS', that is, a very unique style, within the present world a truly engaging music.

The characters are immersed in the fantastic world of Totem Runner. Another new feature of the game 'AN INCREDIBLE JOURNEY', in fact, the protagonist of the running game, will have to run a lot, fly and fight for five long chapters. The other 'LOTS OF CHALLENGES' feature in which the character becomes a wizard, can turn into the lord of the stars or can become the great shadow, completing the different challenges in the game. Finally, the game 'Totem Runner' can be downloaded for free from the Android virtual store.


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